Cruz Cafune Merch

First album: Maracucho Bueno Die Chiquito (2018)

The cover of the album is a photo of Cruz Cafuné with her face made up, who seems injured.

This album has the particularity of telling the story of a lost, disoriented boy asking for help. The story is developed through voice notes, that is, audio messages from the different protagonists of the story, during, at the beginning, or at the end of the music, and those serve as a common thread throughout the history of the album.

In fact, the entire album deals with the life of a boy from Tenerife who lives in a harsh and ruthless universe in which he struggles to make the right decisions. But it’s also a complicated love story between said boy and girl, with a real antagonism between the two characters who can’t be together because of their differences.

In an interview with Farhampton Magazine, he said that the album was full of references and nods to the music of the 2000s. 7 According to him, the album deals as a whole with the themes of good and evil, love, and economic difficulties.

It is divided into two main parts: the first, in which the boy evokes his faith and how he has to choose between good and evil, and the second, in which he talks about his success and all the problems that this ascent brings him.

Cruz Cafune Merch

Cruz Cafune Merch - Second album: Moonlight922 (2020)

The cover depicts the El Cuervo Volcano in Lanzarote , as well as a full moon .

In the television program La Resistencia on January 29, 2020, presented by David Broncano , Cruz Cafuné explains the importance of the presence of the moon, in the title of the album as well as on its cover or even in its lyrics. The moon matters to him in the sense that it is more visible in the Canaries than in the peninsula, thanks to less pollution . As for the name of the album, he says that the moon evokes an intimate atmosphere, and therefore this album is an “intimate vibe” to listen to at night. On the other hand, the number 922 corresponds to the prefix of the province from which the rapper comes: Santa Cruz de Tenerife .

Cruz Cafuné did a live on the YouTube platform on December 3 at 10 p.m. local time, in which he presented all the songs from his new EP , before uploading them to digital platforms.

Only two collaborations with two Canarian rappers appear on that album: one with Maikel DelaCalle on TLC , and one with We$t Dubai on Beast Mode . In the song TLC, the sample of the song No Scrubs by the trio TLC , an American R’n’B group from the 2000s, is reused , and references to the group and the original song are also made in the lyrics.

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