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Cruz Cafuné is a singer, writer and hip-hop artist of Venezuelan heritage born in Tenerife. He began making a name for himself as part of the BNMP collective. He worked with the artists Indigo Jams, Ellegas and Choclock as part of the collective between 2015 and 2018, when it dissolved. Buy Cruz Cafune Merch Here!

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He was born in 1993 on the island of Tenerife, to a Venezuelan mother , a catechism teacher , and a Canarian father , who worked in a bank. As a child, she lived in the La Salud neighborhood . 3

His artistic name combines two themes that are very present in the singer’s work. On the one hand, religion , to which he refers with the term “Cross”, since he considers himself a Christian believer . On the other hand, love, which in his name is represented by the Portuguese term “Cafuné” which means “caresses in the hair”.

First, he was part of the Toska Runners group created in 2012, but in 2015 the group divided and four of its members (Cruz Cafuné, Choclock, Ellegas and Indigo Jams) 5 together created the BNMP ( Broke Niños Make Pesos ) collective , which it continued to exist until 2018.

His first tour was with the BNMP collective in Mexico after signing with producer Lex Luthorz. Lex Luthorz is also the producer of Cruz Cafuné since he started a solo career.

It allowed the Canarian rapper to work with artists with whom Lex had already worked, such as Alba Reche for example

Beginnings and first successes: BNMP, Rels B, and Contando Lunares

According to Cruz Cafuné, it was the collaboration with Rels B that helped them a lot to give visibility to the collective and their work, especially thanks to the song Lo mejoré (2016), in which Cruz Cafuné, Ellegas and Rels B collaborate; Choclock was in charge of the production, and One Path of the choirs.

Then Amen (2017) came out, the best-known song by the BNMP collective, which went viral after a couple of months, the video clip reaching more than 5 million views on YouTube.

The song Mi Casa (2016) by Cruz Cafuné was the first step towards notoriety, since it has been awarded a gold record. His song “Mina el Hammani” (2019) has also recently been certified gold

Finally, the song Contando polka dots in collaboration with the Canarian ragpicker Don Patricio was a springboard to start making his way, although his first album Maracucho Bueno Dies Chiquito (2018) had already helped to make him known on the islands. In fact, this theme has given it a little more visibility at the national level, since the two artists received the award for the best song of 2019 during the Odeón Awards .

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